Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Speaking Positive

Speaking Positive

Speaking positive is one thing that I've found is the easiest thing but it is so hard to do. So many things around us is negative and it is very easy to allow those negative things to enter into our heart. Once they are in our heart then they began to flow out of our mouth.
Living with eczema most of my life has cause me in the past to become very negative about my self image. It is so easy to get in the mirror and say things like:

If only I had beautiful skin,
I am looking tore up today,
I'm so ugly,
Who will ever love me looking like this,

Eczema is a very disfiguring skin disease . It is very hard to look at your skin day after day. The shedding skin and old looking skin is very hard to accept. Mainly it's all the stares that's really hard to live with.
I'm learning every day to speak positive things over my life and skin. Thing like:

I'm very beautiful
My skin is healed
I love myself
Life is wonderful because I'm alive
Every day my self esteem is growing
I love my skin

As you began to make these positive comments about yourself your body will began to listen. Then your healing will began. Force yourself not to speak negative words over your body and your life. Because you will have what you say.
Everyday I'm walking closer to seeing my complete healing. I want to encourage you that when you speak positive things over your life, positive things will began to happen for you.

Malisa W.

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